Here at Wineberry, we wish to offer you an extraordinary experience as you seek for that perfect cup of beverage. With our diverse range of high quality coffee machines and blenders, we are confident that we will be able to satisfy a multitude of needs, in both your home and workplace.

We strongly pride ourselves in the fact that our imported products are of internationally respected brands from Europe and ­the US,  whose standards have been established over long decades of commitment and passion in whatever they do. These products have earned recognition for their superior quality in all aspects and trusted by individuals and businesses alike.

We feel that it is time to deliver that quality over to you. At Wineberry, our job here is to bring that same commitment and passion right up to your doorstep as we believe that you deserve that quality people all over the world has enjoyed. Our coffee machines and blenders are crafted for the benefit of their users, fully equipped with specially designed functions for your convenience. You can always depend on them to produce that perfect cup of beverage for any occasion at any time.

In addition, we also supply ingredients for the making of gelato and pastries to complement your cup of coffee. We promise you that these ingredients live up to the same quality we have committed to our other products too. Similarly, our gelato mix is imported from Europe which is famous for their delicious and creamy Gelato, loved by people all over the world. Our powdered mix makes making the delicious desert easy and fast, changing the mindset of people that think that ice creams are one of the most complex desert to serve in their own home. At Wineberry, we do not just aim to bring perfection to our customers but to also aim to be as user friendly as possible.

You can always depend on us to get you only the best of the very best. Hence, be rest assured that our products are always of the finest in terms of product quality, safety, design, reliability and functionality.Similarly we are constantly upgrading ourselves to catch up with the ever-changing world with the feedbacks from our valued clients. 

The world has placed their trust, now it is your turn to place yours in us.


To deliver products and services of high standard and excellence to improve your performance anytime, anywhere.


To be the industry's name for quality and excellence.